Sunday, 17 November 2013


Here I am, blogging for the very first time.......
A simple blog....(with)
Simple words...(and)
A simple picture.....(with)
Simple method......(and)
A simple medium....(with)
Simple explanation.....(and)
A simple Interpretation......

Here is a painting I'm working on recently.......haven't got to finish it....but I love the way this picture ascertains many of my thought process I had recently. I feel a need to portray something from where I belong and this is a picture of a cityscape in Mizoram. I recently graduated BFA and as is always said, feel a need to unlearn many of the 'normal norms' I've learned as a student of Art, I started experimenting on techniques and use of mediums since the day I joined class as a master (MFA) student. I was always fascinated by LIGHT - its different aspect and its effect. I started drawing the very LIGHT created by the illuminated houses stretched across the mountains of Mizoram set against the contrasting night sky.

I've had numbers of drawings and painting depicting this but this particular painting I'm posting has been a turning point on how I'm working. With thin wash of black paint on canvas, I started erasing the paint using the very same brush diluted with water revealing the underneath layer of white canvas thus creating/revealing LIGHT. This process is very much connected to my scratching process I've been working digitally and manually too- with different layers of picture plane, i started blackening out the top-most layer leaving everything Black, then digitally erasing/or scratching with sharp object in case of manual work revealing the lighter images underneath creating pictures with wonderful effects  and is thus always about revealing light in some sense.

This painting is also the first picture that has been this huge........working on this big canvas makes me virtually stay in the city and the painting itself...stretching my hand, getting on a chair, moving away and towards the canvas.....Oh I love it!!!! :).  
The monochromatic picture portrays the melancholy I had of my place-my home state, families and friends...the dreamlike memories and faded experience doesn't shower any bright colors to my Mind and thus my canvas.
But then, when it comes to ART, even when depicting sadness or the other side of the bright and colorful life, we always enjoy it, coz' we're doing Art, I don't know for sure but i think even Frida Kahlo must have felt some peace within herself while painting from her bed during her sickness. That's the experience when doing art, I love it and hope it continues so...... For me, Art has always been a path to self-realization; the more I know about myself, the more I could utilize myself. 

Hope you enjoy reading and the aesthetic experience that an artwork offers........

GOD BLESS YOU ALL ( Jesus Loves you)... He is the real LIGHT.
Here are some words by Jesus Christ
" I am the Light of the world. He who follows me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life"
- John 8:12

"As long as I am in the world, i am the light of the world"
- John 9:5