Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Desolution of a 10-year old female Mizo Artist

Ok!! Here's this interesting photo I saw today (13th August, 2014) on Facebook. It was done by a 10 year-old mizo Girl, whose name I do not know. It was posted by his father, David Z Hmar. The caption on this photo says that the younger girl complains about her elder sister sleeping  posture that keeps her uneasy at night. So, the elder sister hearing that drew this picture of them sleeping together.

What intrigued me about this picture is her confidence in line- one of the most important element in making artworks- one which many of the amateur artists seemed to ignore. The space is well divided and composition well-balanced. Lets stop here in that aspect.

This is the kind of picture we see often in Internets and comics and might not be so fascinating as such for those who practice art and encircled within the art-world. But if you are from Mizoram and happens to be a 10 yr-old girl, this is something  beyond ordinary ( i wouldn't use extraordinary) because this picture speaks a lot about our social culture these days.
There is no such thing as any formal art education in Mizoram, we don't even have art subject in our syllabus. Well!! some schools do have and art education is a part of the Government school's syllabus, but we all know that none of us really took heed in learning art ( not even the teachers are qualified) and no school really taught art as it is meant to be. So, knowing all these, without any formal background in art, we can assume that a 10-year old doing this kind of artwork really is gifted.

I even loved the part of humor in the picture, note the difference in the facial expression of the two dreamers and what they dream about. What I said this picture speaks a lot in terms of social culture is the dream the elder sister dreams about. I mean, it's something out of our socio-cultural environment a few years back for a child (10-years) to dream such thing as "Lovers" and "Kissing". It seemed a girl her age would dreamed of butterflies and Unicorns or whatsoever. It might be the influence of K-Pop and Western culture that so much invades many of the youngsters who never actually faced the trouble of censorship.  Having said that, what I love about this picture again is that it speaks for Artists too - that Artists are always ahead of their contemporary humans, dreaming like grown-ups and always ahead of their times.

And her way of treating/coloring the dream is even something to talked about. Instead of coloring the two faces, she colored the negative space between them which could be mistook for the positive space.

Yeah, she must have felt inappropriate for her age to  express openly such as this, and induced a kind of illusion to lead the eye away. Below is an illustration of such illusion.
I really wish to know her more, let's hope in the near future that happens, and as is always, wished to get pulled near by the string that bounds all artists together. :-) :-)